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Chimney Services in Muskegon, MI

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Fireplaces are wonderful during the cold Michigan winters, but a neglected chimney can lead to potential problems in the future. Schmidt Roofing & Siding offers a variety of chimney repair services that can allow you to use your fireplace without worry. Our chimney repair services include:
Brick Chimney — Chimney Maintenance in Muskegon, MI
  • Chimney cap replacement and repair: Chimney caps are covers that fit over chimneys to prevent moisture from rain or snow from leaking through the chimney into your home and to keep wildlife like rats and squirrels out. Chimney cap issues can escalate into more costly problems relatively quickly, so it is smart to repair any damage promptly. We also offer chimney replacement if the whole unit needs attention.

  • Cement crown repair: The chimney crown is a part of your chimney system that sticks up above your roof and diverts rain and snow away from the flue. Cracks in the chimney crown can lead to leaks. It is important to maintain your chimney's crown to avoid potential problems.

  • Chimney crack sealing and waterproofing: Chimneys with cracks and other types of damage may not ventilate properly. This could lead to the buildup of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases when you try to use your fireplace.

  • Chimney lining upgrades and repairs: Chimney linings are part of the system that protects the structural integrity of your chimney against heat and corrosion while funneling the gaseous products of combustion formed in your fireplace outside your home. Your chimney linings must be functioning properly to ensure safe fireplace usage.

  • Tear Down and Building: If your old chimney is in poor condition, we can completely remove or replace it.
Since 1953, Schmidt Roofing & Siding has been providing chimney maintenance, repair and other services that residential and commercial customers depend upon to help protect their Lakeshore area properties in Muskegon and keep them looking great. Find out more about us by calling us today.